Brittany Harrison

Founder, Special Pups Program

Brittany Harrison started Special Pup's Program in Spring of 2016.  Her passion for connecting with the special needs community sparked at an early age where her younger cousin, Sarah was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The communication barrier was a challenge that inspired Brittany to develop a way to connect without words. The reaction Sarah had to Brittany's dog's Avery (pictured) and Gus was incredible.  "So soft! So cute!" were some of the word's Sarah used to describe her glee. 

"I knew that if my goofy dogs could have such a positive and stress free effect on Sarah, that they could do the same for others.  So far, the results have gone beyond my wildest dreams.  I look forward to providing this experience to as many kids as we can!" - Brittany


Bianca Nassey

Lead Instructor

Bianca was one of the first people involved with Special Pups. Having over five years of dog training experience including instruction, obedience and reactivity, plus her proven excellence in program creation, coordination and scheduling made her the perfect person to develop the Special Pups curriculum.

Bianca had previously noticed the relationship that animals often develop with children. Because of this, along with children’s willingness to try new things, she would often asked kids in classes to demonstrate training techniques to the adults. She quickly understood the needs of the Special Pups participants not only to learn, but to truly build a bond with “their” dog. She was able to develop a program that both educated the attendees and that created a safe environment for the dogs and the children.

Bianca provides an upbeat teaching style that engages the participants and is also entertaining for aides and parents who attend alongside. She’s proud to be part of an initiative that provides such a valuable service and experience for families and is looking forward to the future of Special Pups!